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Are you overwhelmed by professional advice and treatment modalities? I’ve already spent years reading, studying about learning challenges and the brain, so you don’t have to. (I’m also a trained Waldorf teacher, Eurythmist.) I will help you sift through the noise, understand the big picture, and identify the best solutions for your particular needs. 

During your consultation, you will have a chance to share all about your struggles (and hopes), what you’ve already tried, and where you’re stuck. First, I’ll listen with the heart of a mother who has been there, too. Then, drawing on my extensive research, learning, and experience around listen and learning challenges, we will discuss a variety of approaches that could be helpful for you. We will also explore the Tomatis® Method and whether it could be beneficial for you, either now—or in the future.

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Written summary of our conversation and the strategies we discussed.

Customized resource list to support your unique journey.

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I'd like to learn what signals observed in the classroom are good indicators for referring a child for auditory stimulation training